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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  September 6, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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telling you -- >> you've stepped in blood. >> hear why that's not the weirdest part of this con. grandma celebrates a football victory with -- >> the good old beer bong. >> see the move that scored with the crowd. and talk about cute kids. one born in ethiopia sings an american classic. while another gets an early halloween scare. when you see yellow crime police tape, you're not supposed to cross it like this couple did. >> [ bleep ]. >> stop. >> police in california were investigating a fatal stabbing and talking to this couple to get info from them so they could send them home on their way. the couple wasn't cooperating fully. >> so you could see there the woman is being taken down by police because she crossed the police tape. see that man right there? he is holding a 1-year-old
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child. he's getting into it with police. >> [ bleep ]. >> why are they doing this? you don't cross the line. you're tampering with evidence if you do. >> someone came and snatched the baby from the guy, another cop. >> yes. what's happening is the man engages the police after the woman is being taken down. he says, you know, you're going to mess with her, he's holding the baby. the police officer says -- >> get the baby. >> another cop takes the baby. then the father is taken down. >> you're holding a 1-year-old kid. you can't go in there and try to get physical with the police. >> it's unclear if they'll face any charges, but they were both led away in cuffs. i have what looks like mob mentality caught on video. this scene was shot right off the campus of temple university.
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whole bunch of party goers on the street having a street party. listen to this. >> you're good. >> uh-oh. >> the background you see a campus shuttle bus. suddenly one person starts chanting "flip the bus." you hear lots of other people join in. >> clearly they don't care about the driver of that bus. >> they really did attempt to flip it. there was a bus driver, and there were two temple university students on the bus who were, as you can imagine, terrified, according to reports. luckily, the bus did not get flipped because police arrived on the scene. >> they're just trying to get from location "a" to location "b" and got caught in the middle of the chaos. >> police did arrest one person in this incident who was not a temple university student. they're currently using this video to try to identify other
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suspects. >> beth, this video makes me think young people don't have any clue how to party. i'll tell you who does. this grand. after an io hawkeye soldier field recently, check this out. a bunch of party people here in the parking lot. they see this grandma coming by in her car. they hand her the good old beer bong. >> go granny, go. >> and the crowd goes wild. >> she drank that thing like a boss. >> the guy holding the beer bong is loving it. look at the smile on his face. >> even after they drive away, everyone's still just in a frenzy about what just happened. >> well, they're happy because they're thinking, when i'm old, i'll still be able to party. >> she proved age, just a state of mind. who doesn't like a nice short stack from i-hop? >> absolutely.
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>> like this little guy. this deer crashed through the window of this i-hop one early morning. >> oh, boy. >> i think he really wanted a short stack. >> yeah, it doesn't look like the place was open. >> you're right. he roamed around. he went into the kitchen. he finally tried to crash through a second window to escape. didn't quite make it through, got tangled in the blinds. eventually the manager at this i-hop did open the emergency door for him, and he was able to get away. >> the thing is i-hop has all those different kinds of syrups on the table. deer like to eat berries. >> you know what's interesting? this is from my hometown. it's the big shopping mall at mission valley. it's all the way to the beach. it's not like a rural area. i want to know where the deer came from. >> he couldn't find anything to eat. he was trying to get some syrup.
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>> oh, dear. a bizarre scam is taking place in cities across the country. this video was shot in san francisco, and this scam is mainly targeting asian communities, specifically older asian women. according to police, these three women are suspects approaching this woman, the victim. these women approach this woman and tell her that she has stepped in blood and now evil spirits are attaching themselves to her. >> what? >> really? >> and the only way to get rid of these evil spirits is to put all of your valuables into a bag so that they can be purified. according to police, suspect number one already has the victim's bag. now watch as she hands it off to suspect number two, the lady with the long hair. now, they switch the victim's bag that has thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry for a bag of junk.
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watch as suspect number two puts that worthless bag on to the victim's shoulder. according to police, they're praying over it. the victim walks away thinking her belongings have been, quote, unquote, purified. but suspect number one here really has her bag of money and jewels. moments later an accomplice arriv arrives. they drop the bag into this red sack in order to disguise the bag. >> i'm just surprised anybody falls for this. >> clearly they think that these things hold some type of power because why else would they hand over the bag? >> moral of the story, if someone comes up to you on the street and tells you you stepped in blood and your cell phone, wallet, and earrings need to be purified, just walk away. it's a video from a russian school, an english language lesson going viral. >> as a man, that doesn't feel good in any language. >> see how the girl schools the teacher next.
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and a san diego billboard is raising questions and sparking opinions. >> that doesn't sound appropriate for a billboard. >> see the message on the billboard on "right this minute."
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check out this surveillance video from garden city in michigan. that man right there, he is the alleged robber of a nearby credit union. at this point, he is seen walking away trying to hide a rifle under a blanket that he's carrying in his hand. >> not the easiest thing to hide. >> and it didn't seem like he was making much of an effort to disguise himself. as he's walking away, notice that truck parked on the curb right behind the man. inside that truck were three workers of the department of public works. they saw this man, and they figured out what was going on, so they got back in their truck and started chasing him. >> wow. >> not only are they fixing the
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roadway, they're catching criminals. >> some taxpayer dollars well spent. >> and when the suspect noticed he was being folwed by these ofe on a high-speed car chase, which ended like this. >> oh. >> with his truck slammed into this home. police were able to arrest him. his identity hasn't yet been released, but he did cause a lot of damage not only to his truck, obviously, but also to this home. he did fire one shot from his colt ar-15, but the rifle fortunately jammed after, and that's where it all ended. >> i do like how the workers, when they realized they were going to chase after this guy, they did that, like, slow backwards walk to their truck. >> you also have to recognize that in doing so, they also put their own lives in danger. >> brave guys. >> couple local heros. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> this little russian girl, it's not going well in english class. >> oh! >> and that's what she thinks of i, you, he, we, she, is. she knows the international language of -- >> yeah, as a man, that doesn't feel good in any language. >> that teacher was getting a little too aggressive. i think she defended herself. you can't intimidate education to the kids. >> poking her in the head and embarrassing her in front of her classmates, that's not going to help her understand how to use a pronoun. he needs to be a teacher, not an aggress aggressor. >> i read about this video earlier on the internet. some people are saying they think this could be a viral marketing campaign for english as second language classes. >> i don't know how this could be any campaign video. this is not necessarily going to
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motivate anyone to want to learn english. >> i think the people who believe it could be a viral marketing campaign for esl classes are saying, come learn english from us, don't learn english from people like this teacher. >> oh, well, you know, if this thing is going viral because you have a little girl in pigtails kicking a grumpy teacher in the junk, that's going to work. >> that sounds plausible, steven. do you think that teacher would let somebody have a cell phone like that? >> i thought the exact same thing. if this guy is going to get this mad because this girl can't say i and you, is he going to let somebody stand there with a cell phone filming him doing this? here at "right this minute," we love videos that explain the science behind something. >> because we all don't know much about science. >> have you ever wondered about the science behind the big moments? >> do you mean orgasms?
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>> bingo. >> you're about to break it down for us. >> excitement, plateau of arousal. and then the resolution. >> what's the resolution? you feel bad? >> that's when you go to sleep and i run to the refrigerator and eat lots of food. here's the best part of this video. you're getting genital blood flow. you're in phase one for sure. >> three to ten seconds. >> that's it? we got shafted in this, to use a weird term. >> we get twice the amount of pleasure, and there's no refractory period. that means we can continuously just go and go and go and go. >> don't tell them that. >> the most sexual region of the female body, the mind. >> that's why i always say i'm attracted to a lady's brains. >> i don't believe you. >> there's a lot of science in this video. if you want to check out the entire thing, just head over to our website,
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and click on "best of rtm." this guy shows us some dorm room magic tricks. >> whoa. >> turned a quarter into an iphone. >> i could do that trick. >> see if steven can crack his secret. and it's alive. >> i dare you to watch this video and not start to feel a little like they're crawling all over you. >> we'll reveal what's going on with the mob of creepy crawlers.
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welcome back to the show, but don't forget to check in at great videos all day long. billboards are advertisements. they're supposed to catch your eye, right? check out this billboard in san diego. it reads "happy to sit on your face." >> that doesn't sound like appropriate for a billboard, steven. >> yeah, what are they advertising? >> is it a fake mustache? >> you're close. a lot of people would think, is this for like a bordello or something gross? a prostitution ring? but no, it's all for a carlsbad based company called spy optic. it's a sunglasses company.
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this is all an ad campaign launching their happy lens line, which, get this, has some sort of technology that lets blue light in from the sun thus upping yourer seratonin levelsd making you a happier person. >> i got to give them credit for marketing, because we're talking about it. >> we got this video from our friends at abc 10 in san diego. they spoke to the marketing director of spy. he said, look, we didn't set out to offend anyone. >> but they knew this was going to make people think of something not sunglasses related. >> yeah, what did that just say? sit on my what? kids are back in college now. they're all settled into their dorms. this guy brice decided he was going to do some magic. he claims to have been doing magic since he was 10 years old.
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take a look. >> oh! turn a quarter into an iphone. >> the quarter is in the iphone. >> that's an app. >> it's in the phone now, but then it's not in the phone anymore. >>ic i could do that trick. >> do it. >> he had the quarter on this finger back here. >> that doesn't explain how he turned it into the ipod in the first place. >> he probably had his friend make an app. >> look at this with his dorm pillow. puts it on the chair. >> this guy is good. >> he's really good. >> that was pretty impressive. >> i've watched too much pen and teller. they tell us all the secrets. in the end, it's trickery. >> but it's still great. i couldn't do this with my hands. he could have a huge vegas show some day because he's practicing in his dorm room. beth, you're from north
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carolina, right? >> i am. >> have you seen this? >> holy cow that's awesome. >> woo! >> what is that? >> are they flying fish? >> those are jumping mullet. the guy who captured this at the ocean bay beach in kill devils hill, north carolina. apparently the fish are not afraid of people. >> that's awesome. >> have you seen this? >> i've not seen it. >> are they pouring red bull in the water these days? they're getting wings, these fish. >> well, it would be an easy fishing day. all you'd have to do is, you know, kind of reach out with a big net. >> or just stand there with your shirt pulled out. >> well, he has only one place to put them. >> that's what i love about go-pro cameras. people take them everywhere. he said he'd never seen so many fish jump in a large group. >> wouldn't you love to just stand in the middle of them? let them jump up and slap in your face.
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>> i'll take pictures of you both getting slammed by the fish. >> that was her dream. >> that was our latest edition of the beth troutman fish report. it's adorable kid time on "rtm." first, a scare. >> that would scare me too, i think. >> then, a song. >> our hearts just melted. >> get your daily dose of cute next.
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steven, if you ever want to barbeque a hot dog but don't have the equipment, maybe you can do it the finish wnish way. this is how they're going to barbeque. >> what was heck was that? >> that was an explosion that came from that volvo. >> you're going to need to do that explosion a dozen or so times in order to cook these things. one big blast is not going to do it. >> you're right. that didn't do it. so they tried the engine of the car. they just laid the hot dogs on. of the engine. >> that's dirty, man. >> that looks dirty. >> yeah. oh, come on. he took a bite out of that? there are more creative and effective, efficient ways to cook a hot dog. >> maybe they can do it the american way and just, you know, maybe microwave it or a grill,
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maybe? >> the american way would be microwaving it. it's adorable video time once again here on "right this minute." >> do we know this little person? >> we do know this little girl. this is soon to be 5-year-old hanna and the daughter of our fabulous rtm'er. >> that would scare me too. >> i don't blame her. it's a big, hairy spider. >> and it is right next to a box labeled "limb ripper." that's scary enough in itself. >> now from cute, adorable hanna to adorable, cute, hanna's cousin. this is 3-year-old jared. jared was adopted from ethiopia. ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love >> my heart just melted.
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>> how adorable is he? he's sitting there with his arms crossed. just belting it out. ♪ god bless america, my home sweet home ♪ >> so cute. beth, at first glance this video kind of looks like an ice cream man spilled out his container of chocolate sprinkles on the ground. which would be a huge disaster. the person starts getting closer, and what do you see? ants. i dare you to watch this video and not start to feel a little like they're crawling all over you. look at the number of ants in this one space. it's weird. i hate ants.
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this video is one of those videos that will make you look at yourself thinking, like, do i have ants on me? >> do you want me to tell you a really bad story? i stood in a pile of ants like this once. didn't know i was standing in a pile of ants. they crawled up all over my foot. they were fire ants. my foot swelled up. i have an allergic reaction to the fire ants. then i have a big fat foot. >> at least they didn't bite your butt. >> yeah, because we don't want that to get any bigger. >> that's what i was going for. >> it's not disgusting. it's nature. that's it for "right this minute." thanks for joining us. see you next time for more videos first. -- captions by vitac --
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>> maury: on "maury" -- when the results come in. someone is going to pay. opal believes her boyfriend andre. what's the boom-boom room? is having a secret affair with her cousin. her cousin thinks the accusations are outrageous. but only a lie detector test will reveal the whole shocking truth. do you wal


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